Electro-pop musician Devin Tait’s second full-length solo album Art Damage is now available worldwide, featuring the single and video By My Side.  The album seamlessly covers the spectrum from Tait’s 80s electropop influences (Human League, Howard Jones) to his dreamsynth\chillwave inspirations (Chrvches, Neon Indian) and features a bevy of his favorite talents including: LGBT icon Wendy Ho; Rayssa (Demi Lovato, The Voice);  Chris Freeman (Pansy Division, GAYC/DC); Jordan von Haslow; Kraig Hill (Seamonster Sounds); Scott Anderson (Solar City Music); and his longtime collaborator Bradley Jacobson as co-producer.  Get it now via all major distributors including iTunesSpotifySoundcloud, and Bandcamp.

COMING AUGUST 28, 2020! Decadrisco Records will be releasing Recollection 2010-2020 a 2-disc compilation of Devin’s work over the last decade including singles, remixes, and alternate versions. Devin is currently polishing up some of the older tracks from his catalog with frequent collaborators Brandon Strecker, K. Hill, Sphat-90, and Little Pioneer.  The collection will include a new single, “Could This Be Heaven (Frankreich Mix)” by Sphat-90 featuring Devin Tait.

The NEW edit of the video for Anyone Can Break Somebody’s Heart (Naked Highway Remix) featuring Wendy Ho will be released on Valentine’s Day 2020, one year after the original version was released.

By My Side features Niki Svara on vocals with Devin, and Christopher Freeman on bass. The video from Ravensview Film was directed by Danial J. Smith.

A fiery and fearless singer/songwriter, Devin Tait blends acoustic cabaret pop with electronic, new-wave inspired rock. Equally as comfortable behind a keytar as a drum kit, Tait has a knack for blending upbeat, feel-good anthems with more serious themes while keeping dance beats in the forefront. An Angeleno at heart, Tait hails from Kansas and has performed from Iceland to Portland and just about everywhere else over the rainbow.

In 2016, his band, Devin Tait & The Traitors, released the album Mixed Signals featuring the singles Now I Know What I Want, You Leave Me, and All Mixed Up. They released an EP titled Spectres in 2014.

His debut solo album, It’s Never the Way You Imagine It, was released in 2011, featuring the singles Alien Nation, Tape, and Winnipeg Beach.

Tait plays drums in the band Invisible Material, and is the musical director and one of the vocalists for Boynanarama, the premiere musical celebration of British girl group, Bananarama.

He was a founding member of the queer punk band Shitting Glitter, from 2001-2010.

Steve Cherkassky, Devin Tait, and Rayssa performing at the album launch for Art Damage at Fubar on 3/5/19. (Photo by Jessica Perry)

Unless otherwise credited, all photos by Luther Orrick/Double Agent Photo c 2018-2020 Devin Tait/Decadrisco Records