Devin Tait makes music.

He is currently finishing his second solo album, titled “Art Damage.” The album is co-produced with Bradley Jacobson and features collaborations with Wendy Ho, Rayssa, Niki Svara, Jordan von Haslow, Kraig Hill (Seamonster Sounds), and Christopher Freeman (Pansy Division, GAYC/DC).

NEWS ALERT: Devin will be appearing at THE SUNDAY NIGHT REVIEW on Sunday, January 20th, paying tribute to Tom Petty.

In 2016, his band, Devin Tait & The Traitors, released the album “Mixed Signals” featuring the singles “Now I Know What I Want,” “You Leave Me,” and “All Mixed Up.” They released an EP titled “Spectres” in 2014.

His debut solo album, “It’s Never the Way You Imagined It,” was released in 2011, featuring the singles “Alien Nation,” “Tape,” and “Winnipeg Beach.”

Tait plays drums in the band Invisible Material, and is the musical director and one of the vocalists for Boynanarama, the premiere musical celebration of British girl group, Bananarama.

He was a founding member of the queer punk band Shitting Glitter, from 2001-2010.

Tait is available for songwriting, performing, remixing, scoring, and producing.

All photos by Luther Orrick/Double Agent Photo c 2018 Devin Tait/Decadrisco Records