NEW! “Make the Yuletide Gay” is available through Bandcamp (coming soon to all major streaming services)

“Recollection: 2010-2020” 2-Disc CD is available exclusively through Bandcamp

Devin’s 2019 album  “Art Damage” is available to stream on: Amazon; Apple Music; Spotify; SoundCloud; YouTube, CD Baby and iHeartRadio.

Physical products (CD and Cassette-shaped USB drive) and digital available exclusively from BandCamp.

The single “By My Side” is available exclusively from Bandcamp.

“‘By My Side’ is a very Human League style track, in fact you could imagine it was actually Phil Oakey behind the mic. Tait feels strongly about lyrics – there’s something about the pop songs from the 80s which will never age – the storytelling lyrics are just one part of this, and Tait has that down to an artform.” – Lisa HafeyEssentially Pop

The hot club single “Anyone Can Break Somebody’s Heart” is available at all major digital retailers, but the limited edition compact disc is exclusively available from Bandcamp. The complete remix package features five different versions including the Mr. Anderson Remix and Radio Edit, Naked Highway Remix, and Mannifred LaCroix remix.

From the discography: