Shitting Glitter

AMY CROSBY 1970-2021

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Amy Crosby in North Hollywood 2003
Amy Crosby in North Hollywood, 2003. Photo shoot for Shitting Glitter’s first album, “Post No Bills.”

“Amy Crosby (aka alena) makes the incongruous seem delicious like cake. Not one for bashful behaviour, she means what she says and she says what she means. She just may not remember what she said the next day. She has a schizophrenic paranoia that accompanies her everywhere, and an unquenchable thirst for beer. Her favorite way to attend a bar is alone, stop and dropping on acquaintances, enemies and pretty girls throughout the night. Some like her, many don’t. She has fallen down at many high profile events in a desperate attempt to gain respect. She peppers her unsupported statements of the world with strange and barren ideals that make her sound at once new fangled and uninformed. Her creative use of a faltering memory informs her lyrics, and her sense of fashion. With addled poetry and mismatched clothing in a time that makes just too much sense, this is just what any undecided human needs as a break from the everyday chitter chatter. Games and madness, haunting sneaky tactics wrapped up in a bubblegum wrapper, this is a singer who earns her reputation.”

(written by Amy Crosby for Shitting Glitter website circa 2005)